Adventure begins in the garage, where little players picks an automobile and one of the four cute characters. From here, before a driving activity, kids will have a chance to unleash their creativity and fully customise automobile, with easy to use, but powerful tools: paints, various brushes, wheels, gadgets, stickers and even turbo boosted sharks! Everything player may need to make his ride truly unique!

After customising an automobile in the garage, open the map and get ready for riding challenges with chosen characters! Pepi Ride offers 9 different driving courses in a colourful and different fantasy locations. Starting on a sunny beach with simple hills you’ll soon enter the forest or jungle full of stumps, tree ropes, footbridges and rocks. Every bump on the road feels unique!

And for little perfectionists… we hid some nicely wrapped gifts!

Key features:
• 9 different and unique driving challenges;
• 4 lovely hand-drawn characters;
• Development of reaction and observation skills;
• Carefully tuned physics to introduce various surfaces;
• Creativity boosting tools and activity in the garage;
• Recommended age for little players: from 2 to 6 years.