Explore Pepi Wonder World, discover magic island and become a fantasy story maker with your favorite magic characters: princesses, dragons, pirates, knights, witches and dozens other.

  • 200+ characters: everything from lovely princesses to fairies, from a gnome to a witch, from a bunny to a dragon!
  • Explore and collect all stickers in the lovely Sticker Book!
  • Create your own world with cute characters, dragons, build ships and houses!
  • Lots of animations and sounds — use musical instruments, craft magic items, cook royal food. You’ll find everything you need to enjoy your fairy tale life simulator!
  • Discover the hidden keys, spell books, and gems. Explore secret rooms to find more lovely toys to play with!
  • Sail a boat to carry characters, animals and items between fairy tale worlds.
  • Play together — our pretend play game supports multitouch functionality for family playtime.
  • Create, become a story maker and record your own fairy tale stories!