Your game will be in good hands!

All in all, we offer you a turnkey solution – our experienced team does all necessary steps to make your game(s) successful on our channels and become popular with our subscribers. Allow yourself an extra income with no additional work!

This is how we take care of it:

We test your app thoroughly to make sure it runs smoothly on key devices. These add up to 80% of total market coverage on our distribution network, so it’s worth making sure!

We prepare necessary marketing assets for each store. That’s 36 various aspect ratios just for the banners! We also reflect on the multilingual character of our network and put together store listings in 9 languages.

We are fast. Our refined approach prevents any unnecessary delays - and your app is launched in the shortest possible time!

We negotiate promotional boosts in the pre-launch phase. This ensures high revenue in the long run. Great games are held in promotional campaigns for months!

All games have DRM protection to make sure that only paying customers have access to it.


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Who We Are

TuuT was created in 2017 by a team of mobile games industry enthusiasts, who combine their strong knowledge of marketing and data analytics together with a delicate understanding of the dynamics of this particular segment of mobile games distribution.
We have created a unique method to distribute your games, which skyrocketed us into the exclusive club of top 3 publishers on the market in no time.


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Frequently asked questions

TuuT helps game developers to get their games into subscription stores all around the world. This includes preparing the launch strategy, all marketing assets, store-listing, promotions (absolutely crucial!), localisations, post-launch care. We are making these games available globally to users who wouldn’t discover it otherwise. This audience is impossible to monetise through other platforms!

Platform-wise, we focus on Android and HTML5. Genre-wise, we can handle any good game, for all kinds of audience. The games are best in their premium format – without in-app purchases or ads. To guarantee a high level of quality for the subscribers, we always make sure the games run well by performing a thorough QA.

They are closed-environment stores included within carrier-based services. Every subscriber is a paying customer. Subscribers pay a fixed fee every month/week to gain AYCE (All You Can Eat) access to premium games with no ads or any type of hidden payments like in-app purchases. Revenue is then shared every month according to given criteria. This can be number of downloads (old school model, not very fair), number of sessions (better) or number of time spent playing (most fair, most prevailing system).

No, not at all! We have other ways how to monetise your games, like IAPs (also carrier-based services), ads (mainly for HTML5 games) and other.

The entire globe is our playground, but we have a particularly good presence in Middle East, North Africa and Europe. We also have very strong operations in India, South America and South-East Asia. We are an extension to your main publishing efforts, with a great access to emerging markets, which are often neglected by publishers with only Google Play know-how.

In some developing countries, making payments on Google Play is complicated if still not impossible for most users, as they do not own a bank account or a credit card. For instance, according to KMPG, only 27% of adults in South East Asia have bank accounts. On the other hand, mobile phone penetration is 129%. This majority without a bank account relies on pre-paid credit (in Indonesia, 95% mobile phone users use pre-paid). Often, each top-up is time-limited, and operators send out a warning that a surplus of financial means will soon expire. Then an offer to pay a small fee for access to high quality games is offered, and very often accepted.

Easy. Very month we send you a report detailing the revenue from each channels/service. We only do this once we have actually received the payment from our partners, so you can raise an invoice straight away and get paid with no delay at all!



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