Have you ever thought about becoming a true money tycoon, opening up the process and mystery of money creation? Start getting impressive income while contemplating factory inc functioning? Well, now it’s quite possible with Idle Money Factory.

This idle contains all what is needed to start the money rain – increasing amount, quantity of paper, stamps, boxes and so on. All of that, of course, leads to success, nice to realize and witness the outcome of the affair – money flowing from the conveyor line right into your hands. Make this waiting line no longer, because it smells like a tycoon in the factory game.

Key features:
• 9 different and unique driving challenges;
• 4 lovely hand-drawn characters;
• Development of reaction and observation skills;
• Carefully tuned physics to introduce various surfaces;
• Creativity boosting tools and activity in the garage;
• Recommended age for little players: from 2 to 6 years.

Game’s advantages:
• Different locations to be unlocked
• Game process approaches you to some new spots inside the money factory. -With every new level you reach interesting and various money printing machine locations.
• Gameplay easy to follow from start and all through the game
• There’s no confusion or difficulties in understanding how the game works. Idle is easy to follow right from the beginning.
• Feel like a tycoon with an Idle factory game when testing power like a money maker at your own inc!